Credit Assistance Programs

Loan Programs

Here at Ryburn Toyota, our finance department offers all customers access to credit assistance.

Regardless of your current credit score or previous credit history, Ryburn Toyota is here to help!

What Documents Should I Bring To the Dealership?

*For proof of residency, please provide a recent bill for utilities, such as water, electricity, or cable, is sufficient proof as long as your name is listed and matches the address given.

For proof of income, a recent pay stub stating your year-to-date earnings is sufficient.  Self-employed individuals must provide two months of bank statements.*

Additional Documents are Required if any of the Following Apply to You:

  • Individuals who have completed a bankruptcy must provide discharge paperwork.
  • Individuals currently in an open Ch.13 bankruptcy must provide necessary paperwork after receiving an Authorization to Incur Additional Debt from the Court.