The Toyota Prius Prime's long-distance capability is a standout feature. Approximately 25 miles of mileage in Electric Mode and charging via a regular 110v outlet are provided by the vehicle. The Toyota Prius Prime at Ryburn Toyota in Monticello, AR makes long-distance family vacations a breeze.

The Toyota Prius Prime's efficiency is remarkable to behold. Due to its lightweight components, well-established hybrid technology, and enhanced plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) system, this car has an estimated EPA of 133 MPGe. Having no dread of your next fuel stop helps you push yourself to the limit.

The Toyota Prius Prime features a variety of driving modes that set it apart from the competition. Three driving modes are available in the Toyota Prius Prime: electric vehicle (EV), electric vehicle automatic (EV Auto), and hybrid vehicle (HV). Auto Electric mode uses sophisticated switching from hybrid to electric drive modes to enhance the economy.

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